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Qatar University – Sports & Event Complex (QUSEC)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Another large scale multi-functional hall was built under the design by Nova Range Limited.

The 25,500 sq. meter Sports & Event Complex is located at Qatar University, Doha. With the collaborative design on retractable ceiling system, active acoustic and sound reinforcement system, wireless & BYOD technology, lighting and video system, the facility demonstrates a new paradigm in flexible space experience.

The project is comprised of the areas below:

- Multipurpose Hall

- Arena/ Training Hall

- Gym

- Exercise Studios

- Indoor Tennis Court

- Squash Court

- Classrooms

The design scope includes:

- Audio Visual (Audio, Video, PA, BGM)

- IPTV and Digital Signage System

- Theatrical Lighting

- Broadcast system

- Production Communication

- Translation/ Interpretation System

- Retractable scenic panel lighting system

- scoreboards

Considering the fast-tracked design phases, the complexity of technology, and high expectation from the client, it is not exaggerated to say it is one of the most ambitious projects we have ever done. And today we are proud to see its completion and successful implementation and especially thanks the elite AV solution provider - Techno Q to deliver the design at an exceptional level.

It is unusual to have so many “WOW” factors in a single project, especially for an academic property, but this time we have to admitted that QUSEC has perfectly implemented the presence of technology and user experiences, which reveals Qatar University’s progressive characteristics.

Retractable Ceiling System

There are total 80 pieces of 5m x 5m scenic lighting panels installed in the ceiling of the hall, which covers a 70m x 40m are of varying heights from 3m to 12.8m. The retractable ceiling system by Chemtrol Stage offers the end users the flexibility on different function settings, e.g; the ceiling can be positioned at 5m during a banquet, or 10m during a ceremony and 12.5 during a sport event. The scenic panel itself is customized with a 4-layer solution which comprised of the first layer of perforated stretch fabric, and followed by a vast size of strip lights of 200 Lux RGBW spec, and then the third layer is an acoustical absorbent layer, and finally is the aluminium sheet for strengthen purpose.

This single feature does not only provide the flexibility for space configuration, but also offers the diversity of mood creation and acoustic function. Furthermore, when the retractable ceiling system goes with the retractable seating system, they complement each other very well and facilitate the end user’s flexibility of different room configuration in a rapid manner.

Active Acoustic System

Considering the variety of event genres required of the venue, we chose an active acoustic system to maximize the operator, performers, and audience’s experience; i.e; Yamaha AFC (Active Field Control) system is applied. This particular system is comprised of distributed ceiling microphones and speakers, by capturing the feedback from the hall and then re-generate the sound after the sophisticated calculation and processing, to control the sound propagation within the actual space so that reverberation and volume can be altered while the natural sonic characteristic is maintained. The system works perfectly on the hall as it can change a dead acoustic space into a lively sports venue in no time.

It is claimed as the biggest deployment of Yamaha AFC system in worldwide so far.

Sound Reinforcement System

Eight different models of Nexo speakers including 9-element line arrays have been applied to the venue, by integration with a Dante-enabled network processor to form the sound reinforcement system. The line array speakers were hoisted by the rigging system, which can be lowered down or hidden between the scenic panels depending on different event types.

A well thought- out infrastructure system including all the audio/video connections enhance the collaboration and flexibility with different space configuration within the Multipurpose Hall.

Apart from the speaker system, a multi-language simultaneous interpretation system that can serve over 100 users via a WiFi-enabled BYOD system, which offers user access by using their own smartphones or other smart device.

Assistive Listening and Intercom system are also implemented in the venue.

Video Distribution System

Additionally, the comprehensive, integrated video distribution system displays the videos along the premises and the large LED displays in the Hall via the IPTV system. Moreover, the LED displays are also synchronized to broadcast and live-camera system.

We are so proud to participate in this project, and for the great value of the system integrated in the venue, QUSEC is on the cover of the new issue (Apr-May 2020) of System Integration Asia, feel free to discover more in the link below:

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