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The new built premium Clubhouse - Extension of Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) as one of the oldest institutions in Hong Kong, has been serving Hong Kong citizen and bringing entertainment for the past century. In 2020, a brand-new clubhouse is established in Happy Valley connecting to the existing clubhouse, upgrading the HKJC Membership enjoyment to a whole new level.

The new clubhouse is a 12-storey building. The project has Wong & Ouyang (HK) as the executive architect and collaborated with various interior designers on different floors.

Nova Range is appointed as the AV consultant for the whole building.

There are a wide range of Food & Beverage choices inside the new clubhouse, and also with 6-lane 50m swimming pool, viewing deck and jacuzzi, gym areas & private studios, rest area, sauna and steam suites, kids zone, night club, bowling, golf simulation, night club etc. It really sets a new standard for high end clubhouse in the region.

QSC is the core background music system, and Crestron Electronics are the main Audio Visual control system throughout the property.

Apart from that, there are more highlights in the project of the audiovisual elements.

1) Feasible connectivity for events set up

Apart from the pre-programmed background music system and digital signage, there are some Audio Visual & data connectivity panels around the property for event purpose. One example is on the swimming pool floor, where has 5 nos. of AV connection panels covering the area connecting to the control room, enabling different event setups like competition, games or a poolside party.

2) Premium sound system in karaoke rooms

There are several private karaoke rooms across the Food & Beverage floors with specific theme configurations. A powerful Meyer Sound speaker system (UP-4XP & MM-10) has been set up in the room to offer the high power and quality but also with a decent outlook to match the interior design, which brings the sound experience to a new level no matter you’re singing, listening to your own music, watching a movie, or having a fun party.

3) Easy to use technical set up for leisure class

There is a kids adventure zone, right next to it is a cooking classroom and a multipurpose room. Right there has a large projection screen, wireless microphone system and sound system are set up and installed; which is ready for the coach to get in and start the class without any hassle. Live camera feed and recording system is also standby and make sure the participants can have fun together and never miss the precious memory.

4) Active gym with powerful sound system

The Gym floor in the new Clubhouse is a big highlight. The phenomenal Gym and training studios are located at 5/F of the building, the state-of-the-art gym contains multi-functional training programs, Prama wall, boxing ring, etc. A powerful sound system is applied and set up there to allow the players to get the vibe and full energy during workout.

The training studio is also one of the main feature on 5/F. With lines of stationary bikes, the players has an immersive experience by riding the bikes and watching at a 8m x 2.25m projection images, Dataton Watchout media server is installed and programmed for the video processing.

5) Luxury bar and night club

Top floor is a key highlight of the project. The signature cocktail Bar is what is known as its name, a panorama-view bar, full-function DJ booth with a 1.9 pixel pitch of 3 million pixel LED wall behind and the moving head lights at the center of the bar, bringing this bar’s vitality nothing less than any famous nightclub in Hong Kong. D&B Y-series and point source series speakers were applied as the sound system making sure the party can be extended for more crowds whilst everybody can enjoy the DJ’s magic.

Apart from the cocktail bar, the 8/F floor also has other functional areas like dining, drinking, gaming zones. Most of the areas are covered by D&B Y-series and point source series. A specific speaker coverage zoning has been assigned, therefore, even the areas are in different music zones or commentary zones, you won't find it disturbing when you sitting in one of the areas.

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