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British Columbia, Canada

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The 10- acre parcel in Chilliwack, Canada is under the redevelopment program of Po Lam Buddhist Association. The Meditation Vihara consists of five buildings with Meditation hall, Buddhist library, dormitory, classrooms, dining room, etc. The whole redevelopment project is targeted to complete by end of 2020. Nova Range is the audio visual and control consultant for this project.


Po Lam outside render.JPG

The buildings are built based on the Chinese traditional architecture style, mainly timberwork of wooden posts, beams, lintels, and joists make up the framework. When putting the design of the sound system, our design team has to be very careful about cable routing to keep the clean and graceful look of the interior design.




The main Meditation Hall is able to accommodate up to 60 students for residential meditation classes and 100 students for day classes; apart from that, the hall will carry out chanting occasionally.


A pair of line array column speakers are specified in the main meditation hall, to provide adequate sound coverage around the space without affecting the building structure. Local audio and video input panels are specified around the speech lectern and walls, which offers the connection flexibility of various functions.

Po Lam structure.JPG
Po Lam inside.JPG
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