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Hong Kong SAR, China

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Ultimate Entertainment Resort Experience

Hong Kong Jockey Club as one of the oldest institutions in Hong Kong, has been serving Hong Kong citizens and bringing entertainment for the past century. In 2020, a new brand-new clubhouse will be established in Happy Valley connecting the old one, upgrading the HKJC Membership enjoyment to a whole new level.


The new clubhouse is an 8-stories building where each floor having a different architect. Nova Range is luckily the AV consultant for the whole building. Besides the BGM system covering the whole building, there are a few highlights in the audiovisual elements.


The swimming pool has 4 AV panels covering the area connecting to the control room, enabling different event setups like competition, games or a poolside party.


The gym floor has 4 different studios allows guest doing yoga, boxing, group cycling and more. Each studio has a multipurpose rack allowing custom music and video with easy connection. Nonetheless, there is an ultrawide projection screen giving the most stunning visual effect when you are sweating passionately on the bicycle.


The karaoke rooms have a fantastic setup using the small but powerful Meyer system, which can bring the sound experiencing to a new level no matter you’re singing, listening to your own music, watching a movie, or having a fun party.


The kids’ zone has a cooking classroom and a multipurpose room with a big screen. Live camera feed and recording system can make sure they can have fun together and never miss the precious memory.


The building’s highlight is the top floor 360 Bar. The whole floor is reinforced by D&B speakers making sure there is more than enough power to inject the energy into the night. Full-function DJ booth with a huge LED wall behind and the moving lighting heads at the center of the bar, bringing this bar’s vitality nothing less than any famous nightclub in Hong Kong. What’s more is, the partying area is not limited to the bar itself but the whole floor, three more big LED screens live cameras at the other side of the floor and the beastly D&B speakers covering every bit of the area, making sure the party can be extended for more crowds whilst everybody can enjoy the DJ’s magic.

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