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Macau SAR, China

We will choose the right technology to suit


the corporate need carefully.

Galaxy Macau Phase II is a major expansion of one of the largest hotel casino and entertainment complexes in the world.  Nova Range was appointed to design the overall Audio and Video system in the property. 

The whole expansion of the mega-resort consists of 450,000 sq. meters of new resort space and an additional 3,600 hotel rooms; also, with a large expansion of shopping arcade and meeting spaces, Galaxy Macau is definitely a landmark among Asia's entertainment resorts.


Macau Galaxy Shopping 1.jpg

The Promenade Shops

Across 2 floors with over 200 shops, the Galaxy shopping arcade is really a luxury shopping paradise for resort guests and also locals. 

The promenade shops were awarded "Best of the best Macau shopping mall star performance 2018" and it truly reflects the inspirational and sophisticated shopping and lifestyle experience to the customers. 

When designing the background music system in this contemporary style shopping area, our team paid a lot of attention to the speaker placement and zone allocation; in order to create a relaxed, pleasant and refreshing environment for shoppers.  


8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana

The Michelin-starred restaurant lead by Chef Umberto Bombana brings customers to a meticulously fine Italian culinary journey.

Besides the fantastic food that 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana is known for, the decor's attention to detail greatly enhances the customer experience.  We focused on designing a delicate Background Music system to ensure an acoustic environment that enhances the customer's dining experience by establishing the vibe as they set foot in the restaurant.  The control system links BGM and lighting together for the staff to easily make changes according to the customer's needs, ensuring a smooth and thoughtful service that leaves a strong and elegant impression on those who visit.

Bombana Restaurant 2.jpg

LuGang Cafe

LuGang Cafe is a restaurant that serves Taiwanese cuisine. On the entrance of the casino area, there is a 19 meter wide LED display for marketing purposes.

Nova Range was responsible for the design of the background music, video, and control system in Lugang Cafe.

Galaxy Oasis

Oasis at Galaxy Hotel is a function space including a vista of the Grand Resort Deck and some function rooms; which offer 480 attendee capacity.

Nova Range was responsible for the design of Audio, Video, Control, Theatrical lighting, and Rigging system for the Galaxy Oasis remodel. 

The function room has enough AV/ Lighting connection provisions, to fulfill variety of events.  



Galaxy Oasis.jpg


Shopping Arcade
Lazy River
lazy river 1.png

Lazy River

Galaxy's Lazy River is located in the Grand Resort Deck which is built across the pool area of Galaxy hotel, Okura hotel, Banyan Tree hotel, JW Marriot hotel and Ritz Carlton hotel.  This is also the world's longest Skytop adventure rapids. 

Our design team has put over 160 nos. of speakers across this wide spread-out area, to give even coverage and unity feeling in this spectacular attraction.

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