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Macau SAR, China

we are here to create the


Ultimate Entertainment Resort Experience

City of Dream is an integrated resort owned and managed by Melco Resorts and Entertainment.  The property has 5 hotel towers and a three-floor podium includes a mega-casino, also the theater with a in house show "House of Dancing Water' is one of the key features of the resort. 

We are honored to be assigned as a Technology Consultant on some of the property renovations works and also to be the structured cabling and audio visual design consultant of the Morpheus Hotel.



Morphues Hotel is a 6-star hotel designed by famous Architect Zaha Hadid. The extraordinary building is the world's first free-form high rise-exoskeleton and is the winner of the 2019 Building of the Year Award - Hospitality Category.

Nova Range design team was appointed as a design consultant of a structured cabling system and audio visual system of the whole building. The challenging part was to design and fit the sound system into the kaleidoscope-like interior design and space, in order to provide good audio coverage but avoid the unnecessary sound reflection.

In the Atrium, the AV connection panels give the flexibility for different functions or events set up, which also has the capability to connect to a central system for distribution.

Morpheus 5.jpg

Technical Space Planning

Morphues has totally of 772 guest rooms, suites and villas, an executive lounge, a sky pool, the world's most fashion-forward brands and retail options, an in-house Spa, as well as VIP gaming and VIP villas on the top floors throughout the 40-story building.

Our design team had planned the ELV room and control room carefully to offer the most efficient, cost-effective, and expandable infrastructure connection to different parties in the operation team.

Morpheus 7.jpg
morpheus shopping


Morpheus Shop1.JPG

Morpheus Boutique

Morpheus Boutique features premium and high curated products; the retail emporium divided into five zones of different themes; it's designed to engage excitement and inspiration to the shoppers. 

The Audio Visual system design in this area focuses on the high quality and luxury feel; meanwhile, the system can easily demarcate the themes for the smooth transition. 

Morpheus Shop3.JPG
Alain Ducasse



The open and spacious restaurant located on the 21st floor at Morpheus serves creative regional Chinese dishes, with tables enveloped by a dragon- inspired structures topped with geometric-patterned scales.  The restaurant sets a new standard of Contemporary Chinese culinary tradition. 

In order to create the fun and inventive vibe, our design team has focused on the speaker's location and position of the restaurant and let the music merging with the environment.

A keypad is specified in Yi for making the control of music source, volume, and lighting easy with one touch.

Morpheus 3.jpg
Morpheus AD3.jpg

Voyage by Alain Ducasse

The legendary French chef Alain Ducasse has this Michelin-awarded dining in Morpheus. The restaurant presents the theme as its name, takes voyages to international cuisine apart from the top-notch French cuisine

Our team has assigned one single touch panel, to offer the operator of the restaurant to control the music, lighting, air condition, drapery in one device, enhance the ultimate sophisticated experience.



Morpheus Spa.jpg

Morpheus SPA

Morpheus Spa features a range of world-exclusive concepts, for example of the in-house Spa Butler will escort the VIP guests from hotel rooms to the spa for consultations. The other feature "snow garden" which has a real snow spa setting also gives the unique spa experience. 

The Morpheus Spa includes three luxury treatment rooms, one single spa suite, and two couples' spa suites. 

Each spa treatment has an audio input wall-mounted panel, which allows the customer to bring in their own audio content and play inside the room. Along with the control keypad, it gives the flexibility for the attendant to control music source, volume level and lighting preset per customer's preference in order to enhance the overall customer experience.

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